Evanthia Reboutsika – The Railway Station

Evanthia Reboutsika – The Railway Station

Evanthia Reboutsika – The Railway Station

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6LlAV9N8rQ” mode=”lazyload” thumbnail=”923″ title=”Evanthia Reboutsika – The Railway Station” description=”Evanthia Reboutsika – The Railway Station”/]


Evanthia Reboutsika Greek composer.

He was born in Greece in November 6, 1958. Ploutarchos brother childhood years, his sister Maria and the 3rd largest city in Greece with the Peloponnese peninsula with the city Achaea spent in Patras, Ioannina. His father earn a living, he makes a movie-owned.

Evanthia 6 years Patras Conservatory violin started playing. Soon two sisters, Maria and Ioanna with brothers Ploutarchos’l with “String Quartet” Athens before setting up, then they turned to abroad. In 1970, he moved to Athens to complete his conservatory training.

Athens Conservatory and under the supervision of some of the teachers here have proved its mettle in the field Hellenic Conservatory ‘in the lower education.

Evanthia gained more fame by composing the soundtrack. First released in 2005 in Turkey, Cagan Irmak the director of “Father and Son” with his music, the 2006 “World Soundtrack Award” What has been nominated, “Discovery of the Year” was awarded a special prize.

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