Kitaro – Matsuri

Kitaro – Matsuri

Kitaro – Matsuri

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Kitaro (born February 4, 1953) is a Japanese recording artist, composer, record producer and arranger who is regarded as a pioneer of New Age music. He is the winner of a Grammy Award and a Golden Globe Award.

Back in Japan, Kitaro started his solo career in 1977. The first two albums Ten Kai and Full Moon Story became cult favorites of fans of the nascent new-age movement. He performed his first symphonic concert at the ‘Small Hall’ of the Kosei Nenkin Kaikan in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Silk Road
The Silk Road: The Rise And Fall Of Civilizations is an NHK Tokushu documentary series that first aired on 7 April 1980, with sequels being broadcast over a 10-year period. It took a total of 17 years from conception to complete what many consider a landmark in Japan’s broadcasting television history. The intention of the program was to reveal how ancient Japan was influenced by the Silk Road trade route. The documentary was narrated by Ishizaka Koji with music composed by Kitaro, who insisted that the show be broadcast in stereo. The music was composed mainly using a Minimoog, Minikorg 700 and Maxikorg DV800. The series of soundtracks sold millions and the success created from the program brought Kitaro international attention.

In 1984, Kitaro embarked on a “Live in Asia” tour. Notably, he was forced to cancel a leg in Singapore because he had long hair and at that time the country had a policy banning it. He entered into a worldwide distribution arrangement with Geffen Records in 1986. This included a re-releasing of six prior albums titled Astral Voyage, Full Moon Story, Millennia, India, Silver Cloud and Asia (each packaged with Japanesque obi strips) as well as a new album, aptly titled Towards the West. In 1987, he collaborated with Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead for the album The Light of the Spirit and in 1992 with Jon Anderson (Yes) for the album Dream. In 1988, his record sales soared to 10 million worldwide following a successful US tour. He was nominated three times for Grammy Award during his tenure at Geffen Records. His soundtrack for the movie Heaven & Earth won the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score. In 1989, he wrote the Japanese theme for the film Return from the River Kwai.

Kitaro produced an album Scenes released by Shrapnel Records with former Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman. Kitaro has also worked with Hong Kong Cantopop singer Anita Mui on the song “Years Flowing Like Water (????)”.

When asked about his music, he said, “I never had education in music, I just learned to trust my ears and my feelings.” He credits ‘powers beyond himself’ for his music, saying, “This music is not from my mind. It is from heaven, going through my body and out my fingers through composing. Sometimes I wonder. I never practice. I don’t read or write music, but my fingers move. I wonder, ‘Whose song is this?’ I write my songs, but they are not my songs.”

1986: “Japan Tour” (17 cities)
1987: “1st North American Tour” (24 cities, 26 shows)
1989: “1st Europe Tour” (15 cities, 16 shows)
1990: “Kojiki World Tour” U.S., Japan, Europe (39 cities, 41 shows)
1992: “Dream World Tour” U.S., Japan, Asia
1992: “Her Majestry Queen” Sirikit Birthday Anniversary Concert, in Bangkok, Thailand
1994: “The Kitaro Mandala World Tour” Latin America Tour (4 cities, 6 shows)
1994: The Kitaro Mandala World Tour” The USA Tour (32 shows)
1995: “Southeast Asia tour” (4 cities, 9 shows)
1995: “Kitaro Enchanted Evening Tour” (22 cities, 22 shows)
1997: “Kitaro’s Peace on Earth Holiday Tour” in USA (5 cities, 5 shows)
1998: Europe Tour (13 cities)
1999: “Kitaro 1999 New Millennium World Tour in USA” (21cities)
1999: Kitaro 1999 New Millennium World Tour in South America”
2000: “Kitaro Asia 2000” in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong
2002: “The Silk Road Tour in USA” (6 cities)
2002: “The concert for 30th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Japan and China” in China (2 cities)
2004: “Asia Tour 2004” (7 cities, 8 shows)
2007: “Love & Peace World Tour 2007” in Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand
2008: “Love & Peace World Tour 2008” in Athens
2009: “Love & Peace Planet Music Tour 2009” in Malaysia, Singapore, India, Japan, Hong Kong
2009: “31st Harmony Festival” in Santa Rosa, CA
2009: “Silk Road Arts Festival” in Hong Kong, China
2010: “Love & Peace Planet Music Tour 2010” in Singapore
2010: Zacatecas Cultural Festival” in Mexico
2010: “Opening Ceremony for 32nd Harmony Festival” in Santa Rosa, CA
2010: “Opening Event of Daming Palace National Heritage Park” in Xi’an, China
2010: “Thousand Drums Event at COP10 for Convention on Biological Diversity” in Aichi, Japan
2010: “Asian Art Museum” in San Francisco, CA
2011: “Silk Road East & West Tour” in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Singapore and Malaysia
2011: “Closing Ceremony for 33rd Harmony Festival” in Santa Rosa, CA
2011: “Opening Ceremony for Musicians Unted For Safe Energy (MUSE) Benefit Concert” in Mountain View, CA
2012: “Festival International Farosor 2012” in Montevideo, Uruguay
2014: “Symphonic World Tour 2014”

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