Lili Ivanova – Au Nom De La Foi

Lili Ivanova – Au Nom De La Foi

Lili Ivanova – Au Nom De La Foi

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Lilyana Ivanova Petrova (Bulgarian: Лиляна Иванова Петрова, born April 24, 1939 in Kubrat), known professionally as Lili Ivanova (Bulgarian: Лили Иванова) is a Bulgarian singer.

In tribute to her contribution to the culture of the country, she is often referred to as the “Prima of Bulgarian popular music”.

Her best known songs are “Панаири” (“Fairs”), “Щурче” (“A Cricket”), “Стари мой приятелю” (“My Good Old Friend”), “Ветрове” (“Winds”), “Без правила” (“No Rules”), “Детелини” (“Clovers”), “Осъдени души” (“Doomed Souls”), “Наше лято” (“Our Summer”), “За тебе бях” (“To You I Meant”), “Хризантеми” (“Chrysanthemums”), “Camino”, “Море на младостта” (“Sea of Youth”) and her Russian hit “Забудь обратную дорогу” (“Forget the Road Back”).
Lili Ivanova was born on April 24th, 1939 in the small town of Kubrat. She graduated from the nursing school in Varna and worked as a nurse for a very short time. Her career as a singer begins in the early 1960-s. She achieved recognition in 1963 as a singer with the variété show at Ambassador Hotel and the Constantin Tanase Music Hall Theatre in Bucharest.

The local audience adored the rising star and the local television broadcast 4 live shows. Her first album “Amore Twist” was recorded in the same year. Her second album “Sea of Youth” was recorded in Bulgaria in 1967 and contains 11 songs.

Her third album was recorded in Moscow in 1968 [Payot Lili Ivanova (Singing Is Lili Ivanova), Melodia, 1968]. Ivanova’s album “Camino” was recorded by the Bulgarian Balkanton in 1968. The singer is still performing the Camino song, as it allows for the full broad spectrum of her voice.

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