Lucho Gatica – Moliendo Cafe

Lucho Gatica – Moliendo Cafe

Lucho Gatica – Moliendo Cafe

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Luis Enrique Gatica Silva, better known as Lucho Gatica (born August 11, 1928), is a Chilean bolero singer, film actor, and television host.

It is estimated that Gatica has released more than 90 recordings. He has toured a vast portion of the world, having made concerts in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Uncle of the record producer Humberto Gatica.

Luis Gatica Silva was born in Rancagua. He attended school at Instituto O’Higgins. He and his brother Arturo were struggling singers before they released their first album, in 1949, when Gatica was 21 years old.

Chileans generally experienced a change in their taste in music during the 1950s, when bolero music overtook tango as Chileans’ preferred music genre for some time.

Singers like Cuba’s Olga Guillot, and Argentinian Leo Marini and Mexican Elvira Ríos, among others, were very popular during that time. So were Xavier Cugat and his orchestra, which included Puerto Rican Bobby Capó. These singers would influence Gatica.

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