Pupo – Su di noi

Pupo – Su di noi

Pupo – Su di noi

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Enzo Ghinazzi (born 11 September 1955), best known as Pupo (Italian for little baby) is an Italian singer and lyricist.


Enzo Ghinazzi was born in Ponticino, in the province of Arezzo.

His career took off in 1975 with “Ti scriverò”, which he wrote himself. Other very famous songs by Pupo include “Gelato al cioccolato”, “Su di noi”, “Ciao” and “Firenze Santa Maria Novella”. Many of these have been translated in other languages as well.

In the mid 2000s, he became host for the RAI production of Affari Tuoi, the Italian version of the show Deal or No Deal, then he presented other programs for the first channel, such as Chi fermerà la musica (the Italian version of The Singing Bee).

In 2007, the Dutch singer André Hazes covered his song “Forse” with the title “Blijf Bij Mij” (Stay with me).

11 gold records
Gondola d’Oro (literally Golden gondola)

“Ti scriverò” (1975)
“Come sei bella” (1977)
“Io solo senza te” (1977)
“Ciao” (1978)
“Forse” (1979) [#2 Switzerland]
“Su di noi” (1980)
“Cosa farai” (1980)
“Lo devo solo a te” (1981) [#6 Switzerland]
“Nashville” (1981) [#9 Switzerland]
“Ancora io” (1982)
“E va bene così” (1983)
“Cieli azzurri” (1983)
“Un amore grande” (1984)
“Change generation” (1985)
“La vita è molto di più” (1986)
“Amore italiano” (1987)
“Dove sarai domani” (1989)
“Bambina” (1991)
“La mia preghiera” (1992)
“Senza fortuna” (1995)
“La notte” (1996)
“In eternità” (1997)
“Non è un addio” (1998)
“É Fiorentina” (1998)
“Sei caduto anche tu” (2000)

Come sei bella (1976)
Gelato al cioccolato (1979)
Più di prima (1980)
Lo devo solo a te (1981)
Cieli azzurri (1983)
Malattia d’amore (1984)
Change generation (1986)
La vita è molto di più (1986)
Quello che sono (1989)
Canada’s Wonderland (1991)
Enzo Ghinazzi 1 (1992)
All the best (1994)
Pupo 1996 (1996)
Pupo “Tornerò” (1998)
Sei caduto anche tu (2000)
L’equilibrista (2004)

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